I think this is well done and need to publicized more.


This is the last film in this mini-series of posts showing this years work from Unit 15, but its been fun so I’m going to do it again sometime!

I’m wrapping up with Jonathan Gales’ near-pornographic (if you’re an architect, that is) Megalomania, a film showing London in a continual cycle of construction and demolition. Although constructed from familiar materials, the city is pure form; there is little evidence of inhabitation in the Piranesi-esque labyrinths. No insight is given into the workings of the city, and despite the continual renewal of the city, there is no evidence of change. It reminds me of Kafka’s The Trial in its bleak beauty. The question of whether this project is about the fetishisation of the built environment, the meaninglessness of progress, or a celebration of building loses its importance as you watch the film. It’s breathtaking, watch it!

You may have noticed that these guys have already set up a company; factory fifteen. If this series has piqued your interest, then their website is a good place for further reading/watching. 

Better still, if you’re anywhere near London, you can see all the work from Unit 15 this year (plus 20 or so other units too) at the Bartlett Summer Show. It runs until this Saturday the 9th July, click the link for opening hours and directions.

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    I think this is well done and need to publicized more.
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